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Mickey's Treasure Hunt

Size: 4.67 MB
How to play:
"Five steps to find a hidden treasure"
Step 1: Find a blue book with a star on the front to learn the next step of our treasure hunt.
C'mon, let's go to the Clubhouse library to find the book we need. Oh, it looks like more than one book on the bookshelf is blue. Let's start by finding all the blue books. Click on all the blue books, then click on the book with a star on the front.
Step 2: If you search you'll find the clue in a room where you color, paint and glue. Well, that's must be the Clubhouse arts and crafts room. Paint with orange, red and green to show where the next stop is that we need to go. Let's get moving!
Click on the orange paint to paint the center of the flower. Click on the red paint to paint the petals of the flower. Click on the green paint to paint the stem of the flower. Gosh! That's such a beautiful painting! Now which picture matches our painting? Pick one among the four pictures shown on the screen. That's it. Now let's go the Goofy's Garden to read our next clue.
Step 3: Pick 2 tomatoes and see what they weigh. The number on the scale will show which path leads the way. Well, our tomatoes weigh four pounds. Let's see what Treasure Hunt Book says to do next
Step 4: Go to a place where you see distances great and find a numbered path that matches the tomato's weigh. Well, we can see the distances through the telescope at the top of the Clubhouse. C'mon everybody, let's go!
Our tomatoes weigh four, so let's look for the number four when we get there. Roll over the colored buttons to view each path. When you see the number four, click on the button that is the same color as the flag.
Yeah! We found it. We must be getting close to finding the hidden treasure. Let's go to the flag and find what the Treasure Hunt Book says to do next
Step 5: Find our number in a pile of rocks and then use the triangle to open the lock. If you do this you'll be moving toward our treasure hunt reward
Our number was four, so let's click on the pile that has four rocks
Wow, you did it. We found the hidden treasure.
Now, click on the circle to open the treasure chest
Hey! It's Mickey's friend, Pluto. And look! He has something in his mouth. What is this? It's a piece of paper. Let's see what is written on the paper! "Five steps to find a hidden treasure". It's hidden, it means Mickey and his friends have to find it. Will you help them find the hidden treasure? Follow the five steps written on the Treasure Hunt Book to find the place where the treasure was buried. Let's go!
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