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Minnie-Rella's Magical Journey

Size: Not Available
How to play:
Let's help Princess Minnie-rella get ready for Prince Mickey's Ball!
Use the wand the change Minnie-rella's dress, gloves, shoes and something for her head too. The magic wand will move in a circle around Minnie-rella. Click on the star when you see it glow. If you hit it at just the right moment, the magic wand will change an item of Minnie-rella's outfit. Watch out! Sometimes, the wand will choose a funny item. Is that the right gloves for Minnie-rella to wear to the Ball. If it's not, let's change that one again. Alright then, let's get Minnie-rella ready for the Ball. Remember to watch the wand and click the star it lights up. A tiara will put Minnie-rella in the mood to dance; a pair of white gloves will be simply smashing, and finally glass slippers to make an outfit perfect. Now Minnie-rella is ready for the Ball.
Minnie-rella is dressed for Prince Mickey's Ball. Now hop abord magical carriage and we'll be on our way. Minnie-rella will be dancing with Prince Mickey before she can say "Thank you Fairy Godmother"
What's this? Oh, it looks like Princess Minnie-rella cannot get to the Ball unless we help her open the gate. Let's hurry! Time is running out. We've got to open that gate. Help Minnie-rella open the gate. The lock on the gate will show a pattern like a series of three shapes. You have to match the pattern using shapes from the charm bracelet to help open the gate. Find the right shape on the charm bracelet, then click on shape and place it into the lock. Keep going until you match all three shapes. Click the lever on your right-hand side to bring in the next pattern. For some patterns, you'll need to combine two or three shapes from the bracelet to make a match. Are you ready? Let's help Minnie-rella open the gate!
Oh finally, Minnie-rella has made it to the castle. And now, Minnie-rella gets to dance with the Prince Mickey. All you have to do now is take a chance and help her dance. Prince Mickey and Minnie-rella are ready to start dancing. To help them dance, you have to listen to the beat of the music and watch it as it moves along the dotted line. When you see the slippers glow magically, click it with your mouse as fast as you can. If you hit it at the right moment, Mickey and Minnie-rella will keep dancing to the music. If you miss it, Mickey and Minnie-rella will stop dancing for a few seconds. So you can try again. Ok, let's go!
Prince Mickey and Minnie-rella danced and danced, but then the clock struck midnight which means the magic spell was going to wear off. As she ran back home, Minnie-rella lost one of her glass slippers. But Prince Mickey found it and brought it to her. They danced together again and lived happily ever after.
Tonight is a special night for all ladies in the Clubhouse Kingdom because the Prince Mickey is hosting a ball at his palace. Therefore, it's time for our Minnie-rella to get ready for Prince Mickey's Ball. There's no time to waste. However, Minnie doesn't have any dress to wear. Fortunnately, Minnie-rella's Fairy Godmother, Clarabelle, suddenly appears to help Minnie-rella change her clothes for the Ball. She will use her magic wand. However, it's a new one and might not work the way it should be. So will the magic wand work properly? Come play this amazing game to find out what will happen with Minnie-rella.
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